Direct Agriculture

Why Invest in Australian Farmland?

China has 21% of the world’s population, but only 7% of the world’s arable farmland.

  • Australia is a net exporter of foodstuffs, exporting over 60% of its agricultural produce. With a population of 20 million, Australia feeds 60 million mouths a day.
  • Australia has a stable, transparent and conservative system of government that is actively supportive of the agricultural sector and of foreign investment in Australian agriculture.  English is the native language.
  • Australia’s legal and financial systems are strong, transparent and well regulated. There is little 'sovereign risk'.
  • Australia is strategically located with close proximity to over three billion aspirational people with increasingly westernized, protein based diets. Distance to market and cost of transport will be a real issue of the future.
  • Agriculture and farmland are now recognized as a new investment asset class that is not correlated to mainstream asset classes.  Globally, the availability of farmland is in decline.  This is classic 'investment in scarcity'.
  • Compared to other developed economies, Australian farmland may be considered as being undervalued.
  • Australia has a robust, innovative, production driven agricultural economy that is forecast to continue to grow as global demand for soft commodities increases.
  • Australia offers abundant scale that few other countries can achieve, which in turn offers strategic opportunities for assuring food security.
  • Australia is well positioned to help address the growing concerns of global food security. 
  • By global standards, investing in Australian farmland is generally considered to be 'safe'.