Direct Agriculture

Service Philosophy

Innovation and adaptability are fundamental prerequisites to the success of modern agricultural businesses. Direct Agriculture prides itself on our ability to meet and exceed our client’s specific expectations

Direct Agriculture’s philosophy is to work with our clients, to understand their specific requirements, identify, or create appropriate opportunities and tailor bespoke solutions and investment outcomes.


Agricultural investments are specialised fields with farmland emerging as an investment asset class in its own right, with little or no correlation to mainstream investments. 


Direct Agriculture is one of the few specialists in this complex field that understands the particular requirements of Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals and Specialist Funds. Based in rural Australia, and from a diverse range of agricultural and financial backgrounds, we are as comfortable in the Boardroom as we are in the cattle yards.


With 93% of Australian farms family owned and operated, farmland investments involve the transition from an existing family farming business to a more corporatized structure, but critically the heart and passion for sustainable farming and the land must never be lost.


Services include:

  • Investment opportunity identification and analysis.
  • Establishment of entry and exit strategies.
  • Negotiation and full acquisition processes.
  • Design and implementation of turn key business systems.
  • Adoption of transparent, robust reporting protocols.
  • Financial Analysis and modelling.
  • Implementation of independent financial oversight.
  • Full operational asset management.
  • Commodity marketing.
  • Property development.
  • Asset disposal.


Direct Agriculture operates on a ‘whole portfolio’ basis. However, elements of our services, such as the implementation of management systems and transparent reporting protocols, can be offered where these add value to a client’s existing farmland investments.