Direct Agriculture

Investment Philosophy

As leading agricultural investment advisors and asset managers, Direct Agriculture marries up agricultural opportunities with the people who will make them work.

Direct Agriculture identifies investment opportunities that are under performing in some way. In agriculture, this is usually the result of under investment in the asset or the use of outdated management techniques.


We unlock the asset’s underlying potential by implementing superior strategy, management and operations. Cutting edge management systems deliver greater operating yields and investment into the underlying asset, to increase sustainable productivity, further increases yields and consequently accelerates capital appreciation.


In an environment where values are determined by productivity, this methodology naturally hedges against any negative correction in real estate prices. When commodity prices are climbing, these actions accelerate both capital appreciation and net yields.


Direct Agriculture’s unique understanding of the land, extensive contacts and resources identifies investment opportunities before they reach the open market, allowing for all due diligence and analysis to be conducted in a discreet and confidential manner.


Opportunities are mid to large scale agricultural operations in the core enterprises of food and fibre; grain, beef cattle, sheep meat, dairy, wool and cotton. Commodities at the core of global demand.