Direct Agriculture

Sustainable Farmland Development

Exporting over 60% of its agricultural produce, and with a population of only 20 million, Australia feeds 60 million mouths a day.

Australian farmland values are principally driven by their productivity; the more cattle that can be run on a given piece of land the higher its value; the greater volumes of cereals per acre, again the higher the land’s value.


This is not the case in North America, and especially Western Europe, where farmland values are affected increasingly by ‘real estate’ factors such as proximity to towns and cities and increasingly ‘scarcity’ value.


Much Australian farmland can have its productivity lifted considerably by careful property development.  Such increased productivity has an immediate and positive effect on a property’s value, while at the same time increasing operating yields.


Beef cattle and sheep grazing country is particularly suited to such property development projects where conservatively, productivity can be lifted by over 50% in a three to five year period.


Direct Agriculture are leaders in property development and offer the proven expertise in Agronomy, Property Planning, Physical Development, Farm Management, Business Systems, Risk Management and Project Management to execute these outstanding investment opportunities.